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June 1st Intergenerational Day Canada

Did you know that today is Intergenerational Day in Canada?

As explained on the website:

Intergenerational Day Canada June 1st provides an easy opportunity to raise awareness in classrooms and in daily life of the many benefits that simple and respectful connections between generations bring to education, health and community safety. Stereotypes of both young and older people are broken down when they learn about each other. Isolation is diminished and empathy grows in both directions. Intergenerational Day Canada makes a powerful statement about the value of generational connecting within each and everyone’s neighbourhood.

To read the entire news release visit the following link.

Award of Commitment 2013

We are very excited and honored to announce the nominees, both individual and community organization, for the 2013 Award of Commitment.

Click on the post title to learn who the nominees are for this year.

Ageism is Rampant in Canada

This is a great article discovered in the Winnipeg Free Press that highlights the regularity of discrimination that many of our senior adults face in our world. We have included the first few paragraphs to stir your interest. For the full article please visit the Winnipeg Free Press by clicking on the link below.

‘ANYONE over age 69 should face a firing squad” — this was just one of the many Facebook comments ridiculing the elderly cited in a recent Yale University study that reveals extensive bigotry and discrimination levelled at older adults on the popular social-networking site. Ageism, to give the offensive language a civil gloss, is a far too common occurrence on Facebook, the study found.

This may seem hard to believe for many people. After all, most of us have older people in our lives — our grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours or community members — and we’d never wish them harm.

But discrimination on the basis of age is a daily occurrence for many seniors.

Click here to read the rest of the article from the Winnipeg Free Press

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and in Manitoba we have recognized and celebrated WEAAD since 2006. This year we invite you to join us by planning an activity or event in your community.

Visit where you will find valuable resources to make planning and promoting your WEAAD event even easier. Some of the key features of the site include:

  • Resources Ideas to assist you in planning an event. NEW this year are resources for schools and youth programs including classroom ideas, activity; colouring sheets as well as balloons and tattoos
  • Promote your event and order resources all in one easy step at Register Your Event
  • Keep up to date with What’s Happening in your community or region
  • Use the Media & Marketing tools – press release, elder abuse article, proclamation & logos
  • Access Presentations about elder abuse & toolkits full of ideas

Beware Boomer Grandparents

This is a great article discovered in the Winnipeg Free Press that talks about some of the challenges facing the Boomer generation. We have included the first paragraph to stir your interest. For the full article please visit the Winnipeg Free Press by clicking on the link below.

If you’re a grown-up with parents, you may think it’s a major pain to have to take time out of your busy life to go see them or have them over. You may get tired of their hints that they don’t get enough attention. You may even have to listen to resentful complaints or demands. Plus those questions about why you let your kids get away with (fill-in-the-blank) …  Think you’ve got it tough? Some of your contemporaries in China gladly would trade places with you.

The rest of the article can be found in the link below:

Beware Boomer Grandparents: Winnipeg Free Press

Statistics on Canadians and Volunteerism

The extent to which Canadians do unpaid volunteer work for organizations is affected by their working arrangements. In 2010, about one in five full-time workers aged 25 to 54 (or 2,036,000 persons) volunteered five or more hours per month on a regular basis. In comparison, about one third of part-time workers and nearly one quarter of those who were unemployed volunteered with the same frequency.

The rest of the article can be found in the link below:

Study: Social participation of full-time workers, 2010

Give the heels a break. It’s Sneak It In Week!

Spring is here – It’s a great time to increase your physical activity levels (building up to the recommended 150 minutes per week)!

Join in ParticipACTION’s Sneak It In Week (April 8-12, 2013) and start sneaking in 10 minutes on your breaks! Even 10 minutes at a time can increase your fitness level and lead to health benefits.

How to participate:

Lose the loafers. Give the heels a break. It’s Sneak It In Week, brought to you by ParticipACTION. Wear your sneakers April 8-12 and you’ll see how easy it can be to fit in more activity. Walk at lunch. Park in the far lot or walk around the block. Do the stairs a few times a day before heading for coffee. As long as your heart beats faster for 10 minutes, it really counts! So get active and sneak it in. You’ll be rewarded with a longer, happier, more fulfilling life.

Take a picture of your sneakers and send it to Winnipeg in motion at for a chance to win a prize pack!

Check out the Website!

Program Coordinators Lunch and Networking Session

On Thursday, April 30th from 11:30am – 3:00pm MASC is sponsoring a special lunch and networking session for the Program Coordinators of the Senior Centres of Manitoba at the St. James Civic Centre in Winnipeg. Please see the attached poster at the bottom of this post for more details.

To Register please contact Sean Sagert 204-987-8850 ext. 200 or

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Program Coordinators Lunch Event Poster

Project aims to dispel ageist myths, link elder abuse and teen bullying

This article from the Canstar Metro Community Paper highlights an amazing art project that Middle School students in the St. James Assiniboia School Division that helps to educate the public at large on the impacts of Elder Abuse in out community.

‘Snag one while you can, these posters will be limited edition.  Students at George Waters Middle School recently completed a series of paper bag posters on elder abuse, the result of a month-long class project on getting to know community seniors.

“We’re trying to strike a parallel between senior abuse and bullying,” explained George Waters teacher Terri MacLeod, whose homeroom class is participating in the intergenerational project along with Golden Gate and Ness middle schools.

Click here to read the rest of the article from the Winnipeg Free Press

Welcome to the MASC Blog

One of the ways for us to stay in touch with you, our constituents, is to not only keep you up to date on what is happening with MASC and the Senior Centres of Manitoba but also to alert you to any helpful resources that we come across. Please stay tuned as we continue to develop this blog!